Sunday, 20 November 2011

Phones, phones, phones

Ive got a lot to think about when it comes to phones. Currently, I have a few offers lined up for me:
There is an Incredible S on offer for 170 and then I can buy a SIM only deal to accompany that, I can get a contract with the Galaxy S II, for 25.00 per month with 50 handset cost, or 20.00 per month with 190 handset cost (it all depends on the minutes and texts as to those prices), or I can buy a Nexus S when it goes down in price and SIM only that.

Two things: Why are similar phones all priced randomly, with the Wildfire S going from over 300 down to 160 or lower, and then other phones all outselling each other? It makes no sense. The phones all fit into the 150-500 range and that is a massive problem. They need to be put in smaller brackets.

And the other point is, when buying a phone, try and keep it simple for yourself. It make life much better.

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