Sunday, 23 October 2011

Gnome, Guhnome, Genome...

I've just been thinking about Gnome 3.2 and Gnome Shell.

The new updates of 3.2 have included some good and bad stuff. Good has been the new Documents app, and some theme integration, and making things more shell-like, but the login screen is different

Yes is looks like Shell, and not the old Gnome, but there is a purple border around the password box, which is not at all fitting, and you have to press on the up/down key to be able to select the username and press enter to login without using the mouse.

Other things like Online accounts, improved Usermenu (when you click on your name in the top right corner), and general Theming is awesome.

As a concept, the desktop is awesome. Fullscreen program menu, with search and categories, search for documents, contacts, etc. and tucking everything away in the Activities overview. Also, the CSS theming, and the default black is very subtle, making for a nice experience. All they need to do is keep improving stuff, making it simpler without removing functionality, making it look nicer, and easier to use, and to redesign the login screen. Again.

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