Thursday, 1 September 2011

Gary the Snail

Windows users are like snails. And so is Windows to be fair. It takes ages to do anything, and puts in features what happened ages ago, but the most snail-like thing I have found is this:

Back in the early 2000s and before that, we had the browser wars with Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer (4,5,6) and a few others. But, then it all ended and we now have FF and Chrome, and other stuff. But Windows users, with the release of Windows 7 have discovered the browser wars, and are fighting Chrome against IE.

That was so last decade, lads! keep up!

So, in 20 years time, when windows is Dead, it will be Linux vs MAC OSX, at the rate everything is moving in the proprietary world.

Hair, sorry, hare and tortoise, except the hare wins

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