Sunday, 20 March 2011

"Damn, blast, Hells Teeth and God's Elbow" - Button order on Android phones

(Today's title is another from Bleak Expectations. I have been listening to the comedy series a lot recently)

Best if i let it out straight away. I hate the fact that some companies put the buttons/ touch sensitive pad things in different orders on their Android phones. It looks wrong, is confusing and means people press the wrong button. As I have a non-android phone with the back button on the right-hand side (LG KC550) I naturally disagree with the back button on the left. Also as I'm left-handed I would have to change hands to press the back button if it was on the left. (This is quite a relaxed rant today - must be really tired) And as I'm an avid HTC supporter I insist on the home button on the left as it's then the first button you press so its like an iPhone where you press the home button as its the only button to press. Then, being more HTC it goes: Home,Menu,Back,Search. It goes in order. Mostly people just want to quit the application so they press home. Then theu might want to access the menu in an app so would press the menu button. Then back as it isn't much used unless on email or twitter - but there are widgets for that. And finally search as it's not used much. It just makes sense (HTC Sense!!!!) and is how every phne should be. Put those buttons in the right order, Smasung, Motorola, Sony (Erricson), Dell, HP, Casio.........etc.

And while you're at it, Google partner with HTC not Samsung as they have been following you ever since Android started to become a success away from Windows Mobile, and havemade many of your best Android phones whereas Samsung made their own phones with their own OSes but now support Android. Support HTC as they have the buttons in the RIGHT order!

Note toself: find out if it's HTC or htc and why when they say quietly brilliant on the startup it makes a noise

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