Thursday, 24 March 2011

"Curses and Sweariness" - When technology doesn't work

(Bleak Expectations again)
I have had many problems with technology and most of them have been fixable or otherwise eliminated. But I did say most. There are some which really get me, the kind which are soo annoying and there seems no way to fix them. One of the most annoying was when I had connected my iPod to my Linux computer and had put on some images which I didn't want and couldn't get rid of them. I had to go into the iPod's folders and delete the images from there, but when I did, ti claimed a malformed file and wouldn't sync with iTunes or gtk iPod manager. Somehow it fixed itself on iTunes, but hasn't on iPod manager.

Another is that I have Conky set up to display my system information, part of it on the left, part of it on the right, but now it stops at half-way, flasing up the right half then it disappears. Why does this suddenly happen?/ Why can't technology just work. I;m a computer geek and even I have problems. How are people's mums going to manage??????????????? Everything nees to be compatible with each other and have easy helpful tips to fix things if they go wrong.

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  1. Oh forgot to mention, the title is again from Bleak Expectations which I am now listening to after my iPod fixed itself